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Artwork guidelines

File types

Following is the list of all acceptable file types (formats) PDF, TIF, JPEG, EPS, CDR, AI and PSD (All layers must be flattened prior to submission)

Resolution of files

We require a minimum resolution of 100-150 dpi at 100% print size, or 200-300 dpi at 50% print size on all Raster Based designed and submitted files such as TIF, PSD, JPEG & etc. For vector based files such as EPS or AI resolution is irrelevant and files can be reduced or enlarged to almost any size without losing print quality.


We recommend that you convert all fonts to Outlines / Curves where possible before submitting your design art file, if not please include all fonts used in File.

Colour mode

Save your design in CMYK MODE, we can also work with RGB files however we will be converting all RGB colours to CMYK mode prior to printing and this may cause shift in colours.

Artwork size

We recommend submitting files at 100% final print size.  If not possible you may also design and save your graphic files at 50% (200-300 dpi) or 25% (400-600 dpi) of final print size.
(Please Indicate final output enlargement size percentage when submitting file).

Rich black printing

For the best results on printing Solid Blacks (Excluding text smaller than 30 pt.)use C=20% M=10% Y=10% K=100%

Print and cut

For jobs that needs print and cut you have to provide us artwork with CutContour line. Tutorials how to make CutContour line in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW you can find here .